About Us

CoinMarketDApps is a directory/search engine of Decentralized Applications, also called DApps, on the all blockchains. CoinMarketDApps categorizes and showcase developed projects built on Blockchains like Ethereum, EOS, Cardano, Stellar and NEO.

CoinMarketDApps was created by a group of young entrepreneurs in a mission to create a friendly and powerful directory/search engine of Decentralized Applications for the crypto world. We are a new site in the Crypto space but we already receive thousands of views per day, a number that keeps getting bigger every day.

The inspiration for CoinMarketDApps came after many complains of users not having a website to search all ÐApps available. CoinMarketDApps now allows users to easily find any DApps and their information.

CoinMarketDApps offers many DApps covering different fields such as games, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, education, registries, job markets and many more. The directory/search engine will soon become one of the biggest reference for the blockchain ecosystem.

We have a really wonderful team contributing to the growth of CoinMarketDApps. Our goal is to connect DApp creators and users.

Research & Development

Blockchain is revolutionizing our digital world and we want to transform the DApp technology to help innovation.

Advertise With Us

Optimize your DApp with our website. We connect industry leaders and investors to every day consumers.

Algorithim Technology

CoinMarketDApps uses advanced technology to display all active DApps on every official blockchain.